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Others say: “That’s impossible!” But we achieve it.

Who we are

We are an innovative medium-sized business offering custom structural steelwork and machine building. As a specialist in structures for rail-based passenger and goods transport, we manufacture steel and concrete components and develop tailor-made custom machine solutions for rail systems.

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  • Spiez


    Supply of a steel trough system for a new repair shop building for the maintenance track

  • Bremervörde


    Construction of a service pit for multiple units, with installation of concrete end posts with elastic rail support system

  • Böblingen


    Rail shot blasting for 120m continuously welded rails with special machines, for installing in a new service shed

  • Basel


    Supply of steel constructions with integrated support plate reinforcement, for the construction of a combined tram and bus stop

  • Zurich


    Supply of steel constructions for elastic track supports, with custom steel constructions for rail expansion joints and lubricating systems

  • Hamburg


    New construction of a service shed with raised rail supports and rail supports in steel troughs in the gate area

  • Ingelbach


    Construction of a twin-track railway crossing with laying of track supporting layer and track laying with fully encapsulated system

  • Salzgitter


    Replacement of rails in a track connection for mould filling in the steelworks, during a railway maintenance works weekend

  • Bern


    Supply of a special tram track construction for a historic steel bridge, with the use of special machines and installation supervision

  • Mannheim


    New production of rail joints with combined attachment for brushing and sandblasting the rail joints during tram operation

  • Waghäusel


    Profile grinding concrete channels using special machine technology, for Deutsche Bahn’s track (slab track)

  • Hergiswil


    Supply of a steel trough system for attaching the rails, and precast concrete slabs as transition construction for bridge support structure


Our product portfolio spans rail-based track systems for the track sections of rapid transit systems and standard-gauge rail, as well as for crane tracks and industrial tracks. We offer solutions for every challenge!


We delight private and public customers alike, thanks to our many years’ experience and comprehensive expert knowledge. Thanks to our highly qualified and dedicated employees, we can implement customer-specific solutions from the initial idea to completed installation.


Harmonie 3
27628 Hagen im Bremischen
Phone: +49 (0) 4746 556

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